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Ensuring Safe and Reliable Removal Services with Approved Movers

At Approved Movers, we believe in a removals industry where both customers and companies can operate in a trustworthy, secure environment. We understand the complexities and stresses involved in moving, and our goal is to make this process as smooth and hassle-free as possible. We achieve this by connecting customers with vetted, reliable removal companies and offering these companies a range of valuable internet tools to enhance their operations. Our commitment to quality, safety, and reliability sets us apart in the industry, fostering a community where everyone benefits.

The Approved Movers Mission

Our mission at Approved Movers is to transform the removal industry by ensuring safety, reliability, and quality for our customers. We aim to provide a platform that connects customers with vetted removal companies that they can trust. We envision a thriving removals industry where consumers can be confident in their choices and companies operate under the highest standards of service delivery.

The History of Approved Movers

The truth is, while companies love to show you their long history, our offering is exciting and new. We are armed with many of the most recent internet tools, which we share with our vetted companies, and our badges are highly sought after. We bring to the industry a modern approach with an eye towards quality and safety. Our founders have extensive experience in the removals industry, so we understand exactly what customers need and how best to meet those needs. 

  • 2022 (Early Days): Approved Movers began as an idea of Chris Meunier, who recognised the need for a more transparent and secure removals industry. We started by deeply understanding the pain points of customers and companies in the removals industry. For customers, it was the lack of trust and security when choosing a removal service. For companies, it was the need for effective online tools to enhance their operations and enhance their online visibility.
  • Jan 2023 (Building the Platform): With these insights, we began building our platform. We focused on vetting removal companies to ensure they met our high quality, safety, and reliability standards. Simultaneously, we developed a range of internet tools to help these companies optimise their operations.
  • July 2023 (Launch): After months of hard work, we launched Approved Movers. Our platform was well-received by both customers and removal companies, validating our belief in the need for a trustworthy, secure environment in the removals industry.
  • The Present: Today, we continue to connect customers with reliable removal companies and offer these companies valuable tools to grow their businesses. Our commitment to quality and safety remains unwavering, setting us apart in the industry and fostering a community where everyone benefits.

We Look Forward to Helping You

We’re passionate about helping customers get the most reliable, secure removal services around. To do this, we vet our members, and as an additional benefit, it lets us get to know the people we work with. We only keep the most reliable, trustworthy businesses on our site to ensure that you have the safest house or office move that there can be. 

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When it comes to logistics, your company is my number one choice. Thank you and I look forward to working with you all again in the future!

Steven Rogers

CEO, Canada

Thank you for your cooperation! If it wasn’t for your professional staff, we would have lost our business and valuable clients! Safe freight delivery matters a lot, and we will recommend your services!

Jessica Simpson

Accountant, CA

I appreciate the excellent service and fast delivery. I know I can trust your company 100% with any type of shipment.

James Walker

Manager, NYC

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