How We Can Help You Move Home

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At Approved Movers, we understand that moving can be a stressful and complex process. Our goal is to make it simpler, safer, and more reliable for you. We achieve this by providing a platform that connects you to thoroughly vetted removal companies that meet our high standards of quality and safety. 

When you choose to move with an Approved Mover, you’re opting for peace of mind. Our removal companies are not only verified for their reliability and professionalism, but they’re also insured, ensuring your possessions are in safe hands.

How we help you move home
How we help you move home

Our user-friendly website allows you to quickly and easily find and compare removal services. You can trust that every company you find on our platform has been vetted and verified by us. The Approved Movers badge they carry is your assurance that they meet all of our rigorous quality standards. 

We are here to provide support throughout your moving journey. Our customer service team is always ready to assist you with any queries or concerns. We aim to ensure your moving experience is as smooth and hassle-free as possible.

How We Vet Our Members:

At Approved Movers, we take a meticulous approach to vetting our members. Before a removal company can become an Approved Mover, they must undergo a rigorous verification process. This includes checking public and professional indemnity and Goods in Transit Insurance. The public and professional indemnity ensures that the company is covered for any potential liabilities they may encounter during their operations. Goods in Transit Insurance ensures your belongings are protected while being moved. 

How we help you move home

In addition to the rigorous vetting process, we also supply our members with comprehensive checklists to help monitor and spot issues with their vehicles before they cause problems. This proactive approach ensures the operational efficiency of their fleets, reducing the likelihood of delays or interruptions in service due to mechanical issues. 

By regularly using these checklists, our Approved Movers can maintain their vehicles in the best possible condition, ensuring reliable, uninterrupted service for all of their customers. This attention to detail further underpins our commitment to providing a secure, professional, and quality moving experience for all platform users.

These checks are pivotal to maintaining the level of trust, reliability, and quality that all Approved members are known for.

Need Packing Material with Your House Move?

Approved Movers has partnered with Smart Packaging Direct, the online shop for everything you need to pack up your home successfully. You can pick up everything you need for your move – from boxes and bubble wrap to markers and tape – and have it delivered right to your door. Check out Smart Packaging Direct for more information.

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