Discover the Benefits of Becoming Approved Movers!

Improved Customer Contact

How We Help Removals Companies

Welcome to Approved Movers. Our mission is to connect the best local removal companies with eager clients who need the trust and reassurance that only Approved Movers can provide.

Moving can be a stressful experience, so we have compiled and vetted an extensive list of removal companies to make your search for the perfect movers easy.

Provable Trust Metrics

Evidenced Trust metrics and free Google plugin

Exclusive Packaging

Access to exclusive packaging opportunities.

Reduce Marketing Spend

Reduce your marketing costs on client acquisitions.

Increased Reach

Increase your customer reach and visibility online.

Trust: Vetting and Badges

Trust is the cornerstone of any successful business relationship. We vet all our members thoroughly to ensure they meet our high standards for quality, safety, and reliability. Our rigorous vetting process involves checking public and professional indemnity, as well as Goods in Transit Insurance.

Once approved, members receive a badge to display on their website or other platforms. This badge serves as a symbol of trust, showing customers that the company has been approved by Approved Movers and meets our strict criteria. We’ll also mail you a physical certificate to confirm you are an Approved Mover. Grab a photograph of yourselves with the certificate and promote on your social media platforms and website that you are now a member of our vetted club of trustworthy removal companies.

Earn a Passive Income While Fulfilling Your Clients Need For Packing Material

We have partnered with RemovalsPal, the online shop for everything you need for your digital marketing, and everything your clients need to pack up their home successfully. When you join Approved Movers, you get the option to implement an online shop directly into your website that passively earns you a commission from every purchase your client makes. For you, the process is completely hands off, and RemovalsPal will deliver the packaging directly to you or your client. Check out RemovalsPal for more information.