Membership Levels

Approved Movers is founded on the principles of trust and fairness. Customers need to know that their belongings are safe and transported appropriately. Part of the necessary trust in this transaction comes in knowing that the contracted company has the right insurance and the appropriate vehicles to ensure an efficient and successful move. Approved Movers’ Membership Levels help clients discover the right company for them.

About the Approved Movers Membership Levels

Our members all pay a fee of £40 per month to remain vetted, regardless of the badge we award them. We track Public Liability and Goods in Transit insurance to ensure quality standards are met. We also review their customer feedback ratings to ensure the level of service is high.

We differentiate our members by the size of their operation, as different companies can achieve different outcomes. International removals and long-distance national house and office removals are a breeze for our largest members, with operators’ licences and appropriate further insurance to guarantee that the move goes smoothly.

For smaller members, such as local man and van services, their local expertise often makes up for their more limited resources, making them the ideal option for a quick short-distance removal.

As you can see, companies cannot simply pay their way to the business badge they’d prefer – we review their business metrics and assign them the most appropriate badge to ensure the public finds the right service for them.

See below for more information on our levels.

Approved Movers - International and Domestic Removal Specialists


International & Domestic Removals

This is the most senior badge, and for good reason. International moves often involve a wide range of services that can be complex to organise. Our members are experienced in running successful international removals as well as national and local removal services. We ensure they have the appropriate paperwork and legal requirements for these services, and a head office for accountability purposes.

Thanks to their years of experience and growth, companies carrying the International and Domestic Removals badge can manage jobs of any size, regardless of location, courtesy of their operators licences and fleet of large removal vehicles.

Approved Movers - Domestic Removal Specialists


Domestic Removals

This badge is for companies that can provide house and office removals at any distance but are focused on national moves. They must have all the necessary paperwork, including insurance documents, appropriate vehicles for long-distance travel, and a good track record in customer service and expertise. Additionally, they must have a dedicated office and their own warehouse (if storage is offered as part of their service).

Domestic Removals badges go to companies with a fleet of vehicles and the operator licence that allows them to use them. They can carry out large and small removals, both domestic and commercial, within their home country.

Approved Movers - Storage Specialists


Secure Storage

The Secure Storage badge goes to members offering a storage service. This means they have all the paperwork and licensing to operate secure warehouses and appropriate vehicles for transport and must provide their insurance documents. Staff training and accurate records of employment are essential.

Secure storage members are perfect for medium-length moves (between a few days and several months) where your possessions must be kept safe in storage while you are juggling moving dates or finding a new property.

Approved Movers - Local Removal Specialists


Local Removals Specialist

The Local Removals badge is aimed at small independent operators who offer a fast and efficient home removal service in the local area. They are perfect for short-distance moves, such as within cities or between neighbouring towns. They may offer man and van, house clearance, or furniture removal services. They have appropriate vehicles to ensure the job gets done quickly yet safely.

Local Removals badge holders are typically local specialists, using smaller vehicles and teams to achieve rapid domestic and commercial moves, man and van services and house clearances.