Short strong double walled Cardboard Book Box 18x18x10″ is the ideal solution for all your storage needs.
– Perfect for removal companies or anyone needing to store books, documents and other items safely.
– Call us for discounts on large quantities.
– Quick delivery across the country.

Quantity Discount (%) Price
1 - 89 £1.85
90 - 179 10.81 % £1.65
180 - 299 19.46 % £1.49
300 - 499 22.7 % £1.43
500 - 999 24.32 % £1.40
1,000 - 1,999 29.73 % £1.30
2,000+ 32.43 % £1.25


This Short Strong Double Walled Cardboard Book Box is the perfect solution for anyone needing to move their valuable documents and books easily and safely. The heavy-duty double wall construction ensures a strong, secure and long-lasting solution. This box features strong and durable cardboard material and is designed to withstand the rigours of removal companies.

Measuring 18x18x10”, this box is the perfect size for storing and transporting documents and books of all shapes and sizes. A lid also allows you to seal the box, keeping your items safe and secure. It is designed with easy-carrying handles that make it easy to lift, even when fully loaded with books.

This Short Strong Double Walled Cardboard Book Box is the ideal choice for removal companies, as it is sturdy enough to transport heavy items without risk of damage, preventing overloading. It also provides maximum safety for the items inside, ensuring your books and documents arrive in the same condition it left.

Whether you need to move your books and documents across town or the country, this Short Strong Double Walled Cardboard Book Box offers security, durability and convenience that can’t be beaten. Get yours today and keep your valuable items secure during transport.

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