Carpet Protection Stick 600mm x 100m is perfect for removal companies:
• Quick delivery
• Call for discounts on larger quantities
• Shield carpets from dirt and grime
• Protect from spills and stains
• Reduces cleaning time and costs



Our Carpet Protection Stick 600mm x 100m is ideal for protecting your carpets from wear and tear. The heavy-duty plastic material is made from high-density polypropylene, providing strong and durable protection for your carpets. The plastic has been specifically designed to be extra tough, ensuring that it will provide long-lasting protection. The stick can easily be cut to the size of your carpet and applied in seconds, giving you immediate protection.

The Carpet Protection Stick is also highly effective against dirt and dust. All you need to do is run your vacuum cleaner over the carpet, and it will collect the dust, leaving your carpets completely clean. The stick can easily be removed when it is no longer needed and won’t leave any residue behind.

The Carpet Protection Stick is perfect for removal companies and those who often move items around their home. Its strong and durable material will protect your carpets even during the most difficult of moves.

If you need to purchase large quantities, please call us for discounted prices.

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