• 2″ Clear Vinyl (PVC) Sealing Tape, 66m per roll
• Strong vinyl tape – perfect for removal companies
• Buy more and save – Call for discounts on larger amounts
• Quick delivery

Quantity Discount (%) Price
1 - 35 £1.80
36 - 179 6.11 % £1.69
180 - 349 12.22 % £1.58
350+ 19.44 % £1.45


This 2″ Clear Vinyl (PVC) Sealing Tape is perfect for removal companies and any project requiring reliable and strong vinyl tape. It is 66m long per roll, with a width of 2″. The tape seals and secures items effectively and is perfect for semi-permanent sealing. Its strong adhesive quality allows it to stick easily to various surfaces, including glass, plastic and metal. The tape is resistant to most chemicals, oil and abrasion, making it a reliable and long-lasting product. Its clear finish makes it blend in well with its surroundings, meaning it goes virtually unnoticed. It also has good resistance to cold, making it ideal for packaging items that will have to stand up to cold temperatures. The tape is ideal for sealing and protecting packages, boxes, parcels and cartons. It is also an incredibly cost-effective solution that will save you time, effort and money. Get your very own 2″ Clear Vinyl (PVC) Sealing Tape today and enjoy the great results it provides.

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