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This Standard Brown Sealing Tape X 6 Rolls Pack is the perfect solution for any removal company or warehouse hoping to keep packages safe and secure. With 6 rolls of brown sealing tape in each pack, you’ll always have enough to meet your needs. The tape is designed with a strong adhesive, allowing it to remain secure on a range of surfaces. Each roll measures 66m in length, giving you plenty of tape for each job.

The brown colour of the tape makes it the perfect match for cardboard boxes, helping to blend in and remain inconspicuous. You’ll also be able to clearly see when the tape has been broken, ensuring that no one can tamper with your packages without you knowing. The tape can be used in temperatures ranging from 5 degrees to 60 degrees Celsius and is resistant to humidity, so you can count on it to remain secure in all conditions.

This Standard Brown Sealing Tape X 6 Rolls Pack is the perfect choice for removal companies and warehouses. With plenty of tape in each pack and a strong adhesive that sticks to a range of surfaces, you can be sure that each of your packages will remain safe and secure.

48mm wide, 66 metres per roll, Polypropylene tape with Acrylic adhesion

6 rolls per pack – 36 rolls per box (save £5.14 in total)

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