Tape Dispenser Gun:
– Perfect for removal companies.
– Holds standard tape rolls 66M X 48mm.
– Easy to use and lightweight.
– Quick and efficient taping.
– Ergonomic design for comfortable use.



This Tape Dispenser Gun is perfect for any removal company. It is designed to hold standard tape rolls of 66M X 48mm and can be used to quickly and securely tape up cardboard boxes and parcels. Its ergonomic shape makes it comfortable to use and its easy loading mechanism means minimal effort is required. This Tape Dispenser Gun is a great tool to have to speed up the packing process and make the job more efficient. It is made from sturdy plastic and has an adjustable tension knob so you can control the tension of the tape to tailor the ease of release for different tape sizes. The handle is well balanced to reduce fatigue and its non-slip grip ensures a secure hold. Additionally, it is fitted with a blade guard for extra safety and its side-loading design allows for fast and easy loading of tape rolls. Get this Tape Dispenser Gun today and make your packing process more efficient.

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