• 9 x 500m bubble wrap for removal companies – the perfect way to protect your clients’ possessions
– Reduced per metre cost due to bulk purchase.
– Speedy packaging delivery.
– Call us to get discounts on larger amounts.



Keep your possessions secure and safe with this 9 x 500m bubble wrap. Our large rolls of bubble wrap for removal companies are ideal for companies looking for reusable packing material. It is designed to protect all kinds of items from outside elements and shock and is the perfect solution for your storage and shipping needs. This bubble wrap is made of fine plastic to ensure secure and safe item protection. You can wrap fragile items like glasses, electronics, and other delicate items.

The bubble wrap is easy to use and easy to store due to its lightweight nature. Its 500m length provides enough space to wrap your items. Each of the 9 rolls is 500m in length, saving you more space and time. You can cut the wrap to size for whatever you’re storing or shipping and ensure your items are secure and safe.

Its small-sized bubbles are designed to protect your items from dust and dirt plus from damage from shock, moisture, and sudden impacts. This bubble wrap is also made of non-abrasive materials, so your items won’t be scratched when wrapped in it. Its plastic coating ensures it doesn’t stick to itself and can be used multiple times.

This 9 x 500m bubble wrap is the perfect solution for securing and protecting your possessions. It offers secure and safe protection against dust, dirt, shock, moisture, and sudden impacts, plus its lightweight and non-abrasive material ensures that it won’t scratch your items. Get this bubble wrap now and keep your possessions safe and secure!

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